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In deze thumbnail muur hebben we een aantal video fragmenten verzameld, vaak met bekende denkers en auteurs rond thema zoals organisatieontwikkeling en leiderschap in organisaties.  Klik op een thumbnail om een viewer te openen waar je die video kan bekijken maar ook kunt navigeren naar alle andere video's.

Ed Schein on Dialogic OD

Generative Change and Generative Leadership: A Conversation with Gervase Bushe

Managing Crises to Build Organizational Strength

Chris Argyris on Culture and Management

Generative Images

Joseph Kessels over Gespreid Leiderschap (In Dutch)

Frank van Massenhoven over co-creatie en the wisdom of crowds (In Dutch)

Frederic Laloux talks about his book on Reinventing Organizations

Harrison Owen about the importance and breakthrough thinking in Open Space technology (with French s

Nassim Taleb explains in Antifragile how an organization and we as individuals can cope with a very

The Cradle to Cradle as a new principle for development ?

Ricardo Semler on Semco and maximizing contribution of all

Itay Talgam using conductors to reflect on the essence of leadership

A Peacock in the Land of the Penguins, or how difficult it can be to built a truly diverse organizat

Gervase Bushe & Robert Marshak: First International Conference on Dialogic Organization Development

David Garvin and Amy Edmondson on Learning Organizations.

Ed Schein interviewed on Organizational Culture and Leadership.

Gary Hamel on reinventing organizations and management

Dave Snowden on Cynefin as a leader's framework for decision making in complexity.

Etienne Wenger elaborates on social learning and communities of practice

Gervase Bushe on Clear Leadership

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