Learning & Change

whatwedo3d Learning & Change is about building effective processes that enable individuals, groups and the organization as a whole to develop the mindset and competencies for the future, to unleash their energy and imagination and to learn from and with each other.  It is about formal development, but maybe even more about triggering experiential and relational learning.  How can we collaborate in such away that we develop each other?  It's about creating the possibilities for people to test things out, figure out how it could work, get others invoved to solve the problem, etc..

Our focus is on building Learning and Change Capabilities in the organization.  That can take place in different contexts :

  • Designing & Facilitating specif learning & development tracks (for leaders, managers, project managers, facilitators, coaches, ...)
  • Designing & Implementing powerful learning practices in the organization (coaching as leadership practice, inter-vision, learning networks and communities of practice, team feedback, shared decision making in teams,  ...)
  • Designing and facilitating specific change projects with focus on involvement for sustainable impact
  • Designing the 'infrastructure' in an organization to trigger experiential learning and lasting change

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