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In this section we share with you a number of articles, interviews or contributions to conferences that show aspects of our work and vision on Learning, Organizational Development and Change. Since we believe that 'Knowledge only grows when shared' we invite you to share this with your own networks.

Distributed Leadership

Leemans, C., (2017).  Distributed Leadership.  A powerful engine for Organizational Performance.  Leadership Excellence Essentials. April

In this short article Clement Leemans is discussing how leadership could effectively trigger learning, innovation and change capacity in an organization.  He is exploring the distributed leadership concept where leadership is more seen as a system variable and not linked to a specific individual or position, but based on situational expertise and energy.

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Job Crafting

Clement Leemans, (2014)., Jobcrafting.  How can it enhance organizational performance.  Talent Management Excellence Essentials. Vol. 2, N°12.

In this short article Clement Leemans reflects on how job-crafting could be a lever for organizational learning by creating for job holders accountability and ownership not only for their own job, but also for the contribution of that job to their internal customers and the overall sustainable performance of their organization.  He is not looking at job-crafting as a purely individual process but as a systemic organization development exercise. 

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