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Move! interventions are always customized, involving all stakeholders in the organization and using their experience and expertise. Having said that you will in the Move! approach always recognize a number of features that we consider to be vital building blocks for our OD interventions and for sustainable performance improvement.Approachcube3

  • Collaborative Work Relationship: We work WITH and not FOR our customers. Our intervention is aimed at reinforcing customer ownership for the issues, for the action we take and for the eventual result and outcome.
  • Action Learning : Our intervention in itself is a 'learning journey' where we construct and adapt the intervention as we go, based on what we learn from one step, we design the next one, in a way that a shared and deep understanding of the issues emerges. Our consulting process is based on the Flawless Consulting model by Peter Block.
  • Involving Internal Stakeholders : In order to get sustainable results and enable the organization to continue the change effort over time, we involve all players from the very beginning (the initial analysis) and put our money on inclusion and developing commitment of all.
  • Focusing on Output and Impact: We start from a performance issue, challenge or opportunity in the organization and the impact on that challenge or opportunity is our focus. The methodology, tools, etc... we use in our intervention are solely selected based on that desired outcome. We don't sell questionnaires, personality or team profiles, case studies, or specific approaches, but we assemble a creative mix of involving methods to work with you as an organization, such as : focus groups, intervision, team experiential exercises, appreciative inquiry, large group interventions, coaching, job-aids, workshops, environmental scanconfrontation matrixforce field analysis, etc...
  • Systemic: We focus on the organization as social system and on the relationships of teams and individuals that work together in that system. We look at all the 'levers' that can block or facilitate the expected individual and collective behavior and performance in the organization. We look at behavior as the result of 'individual talent' and 'contextual triggers'.
  • Induce Organizational Learning : Our intervention should not only have an impact on behavior and performance, but will also make the organization stronger, autonomous and enabled to deal with similar issues in the future. We want to develop the 'change and learning capability' of our customer-organizations in such a way they are more 'self-sufficient' in developing their organizational performance and not 'depending' on consulting interventions.
  • Role Flexibility: Although Move! is in the first place a 'process consultant' we also take on other roles occasionally in an attempt to push the process further. We share our own experience as manager in organizations, we share our insights and expertise in Learning, change management, and strategic HR, we coach, challenge and trigger people.
  • Open, honest and candid : We believe that consulting and process facilitation are 'relational activities' and that they require a relationships in which feedback, challenge, open and full information, accountability, respect for the agreed upon ground rules are crucial to create lasting impact on organizational performance.


In the iterative & collaborative consulting process these are some of the questions we are looking for answers for. 

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